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Micheal Hoggart, Student of Savage Guitar Studio

Michael Hoggart, Student of Savage Guitar Studio


Jimi helped me learn to be a musician, not just a guitarist. I was able to learn at my own pace and had the choice of what areas to learn when I wanted to learn them. He doesn’t force you into a strict order of learning specific things first, then moving onto another area of your playing. The lessons are on what you want to learn and Jimi supports you all the way. I started off playing with a pick and usually just playing rock and metal songs, with Jimi, I was able to learn how to play a wide variety of genres and incorporate finger picking and hybrid picking into my playing. Jimi approaches musical theory in a way that everyone can understand, with visual aids and a sound knowledge, you’ll get to grips with it quickly. The lessons with Jimi are friendly, helpful and definitely worth the time.

Michael Hogart, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2

Kevin @ Savage Guitar Studio

Kevin @ Savage Guitar Studio


I’ve been attending guitar lessons with Jimi for many years. At first, it was my son who wanted to learn guitar and I went around all the local guitar shops, local bands and friends if they could advise the best guitar teachers in the North East. It was Jimi’s name that came up most frequently so we booked lessons with him. I became motivated by his teaching methods so much that I decided to take up the guitar myself.
It was obvious that he could teach guitar and his programme of taking you through the guitar grades, for me it meant I could see genuine progress being made. However, there was much more than this…As I progressed with my lessons I learnt that Jimi is a great musician not just a guitarist, he wants to teach you music not just the guitar as an instrument and apply the knowledge to the guitar. He is a musician of the highest standard and its the music is what I love to learn about.
He understands the dynamics of a great band and will teach you how to accompany others when playing and performing. I don’t just want to play other people’s songs, but I do want to write my own songs. Jimi never fails to expand my understanding or technical ability to help me create my music and strive to improve on it. I would promise you that anyone wanting to advance themselves further you can learn something from Jimi.
His studio is very professional and you get to play and use all of the equipment (guitars, pedals etc.) Any aspiring musician should book lessons from Jimi. He has helped so many others to get their degree in music and he continues to be a key figure in the local music industry. Young or old you can play and understand music. I’ll keep going to Jimi’s because I don’t want to stop learning!

Kevin Georgeson, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham DH3


When I set out to find a guitar teacher I looked to find the one who was the best qualified and who could cover the widest variety of musical styles. After doing a little research I found that the Registry of Guitar Tutors provides a database of guitar tutors together with a list of what they teach and at what level. Straight away I could see that Jimi taught a wider variety of styles at an advanced level than any other listed tutor. After finding this he was an obvious choice as my guitar teacher. Since then I have found Jimi to be very knowledgeable, and able to express this knowledge in a manner which is always easy to understand. My playing and musical knowledge have improved dramatically through his tuition.  

Ian Carlin

I started taking guitar lessons with Jimi about 10 years ago. At that time I could not play much of anything thing on my (then new) electric guitar. Prior to meeting Jimi, I had taken some lessons with a local guitar teacher. Although he could play guitar really well, I found his teaching methods hard to follow and his preparation for the lessons poor. Jimi’s teaching style is very laid back but focused and effective, even though I am a very busy person and can’t always commit nearly as much time to practice as I should and would like to; I average about an hour of practice per day. Jimi’s patience and his unique way of motivating me as well as his willingness to work with me at my own pace make me a very pleased student. I am really pleased to see my constant, linear progress and improvement in my playing. I leave each session with a sense of accomplishment and can’t wait to get back home and practice.
Since I started taking lessons with Jimi I have a much better understanding of the guitar and music theory, I have also passed my RGT exams and am currently studying for my Grade 8 exam.
If you are like me and have always hankered to learn the guitar, but aren’t sure how to start.
I don’t think you could do better than giving Jimi Savage a try, it has certainly worked for me!
But be warned! Once you start to play the guitar you won’t be able to stop! 

Ian Dodsworth – Boldon, Tyne & Wear NE35

When I first started coming to see Jimi I had been fiddling around with the guitar for a couple of years and teaching myself Guns N’ Roses songs from tabs on the internet. I knew some basic chord shapes and had learned to parrot some riffs, but not much else. I told Jimi that my goal was to play like Slash.

Today, I have improved immeasurably and my goals are completely different. My lessons with Jimi have broadened my horizons more than I thought was possible and I have learned that music is a whole universe of its own, as deep and rich as anything else I have ever experienced. I don’t parrot other people’s songs or try to play like other guitarists anymore. Now I really understand what I’m doing and am developing a style of my own. I can pick up and play pretty much any kind of music and can work things out for myself that were previously completely incomprehensible to me. My tastes are more diverse. I write and improvise my own stuff. Music has become so much more pleasurable and satisfying for me than it ever was before.

In addition to improving my knowledge, Jimi has also helped me develop good technique in a number of different ways; from how to play with a loop pedal or a slide to something as simple as how I hold a plectrum. His knowledge seems endless and he is great at finding effective ways to convey it to his students. He always makes sure that I understand why I’m doing something, rather than just telling me what to do, which helps me to work other things out for myself when practicing at home.

Lessons with Jimi are, above all else, fun! I look forward to them every week and always come away having had a great time and feeling inspired. He has an excellent sense of how to guide a student along their path but is never pushy and is always happy to teach me what I want to learn. If you want to be a soulful blues player, a monster metal shredder, a country-style fingerpicker, a songwriter or anything else you can think of; Jimi is your man.

Andrew Chandler – Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6

I met Jimi when I was about 11 years old and knew straight away that I wanted to be a guitarist and musician. We spent a lot of time learning all the proper stuff you need to be a musician; chords, playing in time, learning tunes and solos by ear, sight reading and how to get a good tone. It was very inspiring for me at such a young age and I would often go along and perform with Jimi in different venues. I knew this what what I wanted to do and I eventually went off to music college to study full time and become a professional musician.

Jimi was a very inspirational teacher and I often use his approaches when I need to introduce guitarists to different ways of thinking on the guitar. He possess an incredible amount of enthusiasm for music and is able to pass this onto whoever he teaches, at whatever ability they may be.

Christopher Montague, London – Professional Working Musician (Troyka, Moving Parts, Benny Greb)

Since I started taking lessons at Savage Guitar Studio my playing has improved to an extent that I simply wouldn’t have believed possible.
Brian Anderson

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